Friday, November 19, 2010

2nd Anniversary

15 Nov 2010...
... marked our 2nd anniversary. Alhamdulillah, we're still here together, celebrating our joyful and blissful marriage. I must say 2 years of marriage is a short period, still young and green. We're still much in love, still getting to know each others well, and try to get masak with each others' pe'el. Yeah, it's a fun process although along the journey there's a joy, sadness, laugh, cry, anger, etc.

Lots of things Ive learned for the past 2 years; love, passion, cooperation, communication, give-take, patience etc. Those are more to the building a strong bond between BB and I. As for the value-added (eceh!) skills, I must say Ive becoming a better cook. Hehhe.. A cook for my small family jelah kan. I must admit that Ive tried few new dishes to my recipes book. Tp tatau la BB rase sedap or not. Other than that, Im sure Ive becoming a better mother to Emil. Have to la sbb BB's away so frequently this 2010. So I took care of Emil (with the help of my family and the in-laws. TQVM!) without him. There's a lot of other things Ive experienced and gained, but I prefer to keep it to myself.;)

Oh, btw for this anniversary, BB brought us for a HOLIDAY! I shall post about that in my next entry ok. So, stay tuned.;)

And lastly,

BB, I love u so much!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dedicated to my beloved Emil Shahmy.

"Angel's Wings"

I would die for you
Lay down my life for you
The only thing that means everything to me
'Cause when you're in my arms
You make me prouder than
Than anything I ever could achieve
And you make everything that used to seem so big
Seem to be so small since you arrived

On angel's wings, an angelical formation
Angel's wings, like letters in the sky
Now I know no matter what the question
Love is the answer
It's written on angel's wings

And I often wonder why,
Someone as flawed as I
Deserves to be as happy as you make me
So as the years roll by
I'll be there by your side
I'll follow you wherever your heart takes me
Cause you make everything that used to be so big
Seem to be so small since you arrived

On angel's wings, an angelical formation
Angel's wings, like letters in the sky
Now I know no matter what the question
Love is the answer
It's written on angel's wings

Now anyone who's felt the touch of heaven in their lives
Will know the way I'm feeling, looking
In my baby's eyes
That's why I can't bear to be too far away
I know that god must love me cause
He sent you to me on angel's wings

On angel's wings, an angelical formation
Angel's wings, like letters in the sky
Now I know no matter what the question
Love is the answer
It's written on angel's wings

Dear Emil,

Ibu dedicates every word in this song for you. They're all very true and well- described what I feel from the very moment you're born till today. If you happen to read this entry, just wanna let you know, you're my everything and you makes me proud in every little thing you do. Love you so much, son.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

If you failed to plan, you are planned to fail.

... Maka atas sebab tersebut, I have to plan on these few things (maklumla, Ill be very busy with lots of things until a day before my DPA).

1) Mysha's anniversary vacation plan.
  • Where to - checked
  • How many days - 3d2n
  • Place to stay - not yet
  • Tentative - not yet
  • How much to spend/ budget - ermmmm...
  • Attires for Emil/BB/myself - not yet packed
  • Passports - checked
  • Present for BB - not yet (kene bg ke? da bg BB Emil da ok kan? hehhe..)
  • What to buy - I think this one shud come out with its own list.;) ahaks..

2) DPA what-to-do list
  • Pengesahan kehadiran - checked
  • Medical check up - 25th Nov
  • LNPT - not yet
  • List of things to buy - halfway done
  • Shopping - not yet
  • Kemas umah - not yet
  • Spend time with Emil and BB - Everyday till that day. Checked.=( [BB jgn ngade2 nak gi offshore ye.]
Last but not least...
I really luv dis pic.

Also dis one.;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

No news is bad news? No lah..

Sudah berkurun rasenye tak update de blog. Asal nak update je, aral melintang pukang. So terbantut la hajat di hati. Well, as Ive run out excuses for not updating here, let me share with uols some news;

1. Emil and Ibu are currently at Nenek and Atuk's crib @ Serdang for our usual shelter when BB's offshore.
2. BB went offshore on 19th Oct and will be back on 3rd Nov, Insyaallah.
3. Emil had fever, cough and flu started from 20th Oct, which is always happened when his Ayah's away. But alhamdulillah, he's recovering now.
4. BB and I are planning for another round of Mysha's gateaway before I start with my DPA course. The vacation spot hasnt finalized yet but we're mutually agreed on one particular place/location/country. Tp kene buat passport dulu for Emil and I. hahhha.. So in summary, overall plan is not yet confirmed.
5. I should expect busy working days till my DPA. Lots of things to be settled and taken care of. The naziran, outreach program, KIK, papers, KUPs, meetings and stuffs. But being me, Im practicing work-life balance ya. So plz dont expect me to stayback late. Ive son to take care of while org rumah saya tiada di sini. hikhik..
6. Really think I should start jogging now. Ive to maintain my fitness (also my weight) for the coming course. Im a big eater now and I supposed it's not good for this coming 8 mnths.=(
7. I really pissed off with somebody today. No need to elaborate further. In short, MYOB. Stop being nosy about somebody else's business and grumpy over small things. It's really annoying. (How I wished I could say it to his/her face) Haishhh..
8. Im working on something which for me is BIG. No, it's not regarding my work, but more on my passion and interest. Im currently collecting material, preparing some working paper (eceh!) and yes, Im really serious about it. Being ambitious is something good aite? So please pray that everything will be smooth and easy for me ok.;)
9. Oh, Emil has grown up so fast. Sometimes I miss his baby's days sbb now da tak bleh nak manje2, gomol2 die sgt. Die da tak ske. Cedih..=( Will update his milestones in next entry, Insyaallah.

and last but not least,

10. Just wanna say...... BB, I miss you so much. Take care, love. Mmuahhh...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BB, this song is for you. Mmuahh..

Destiny's Child- Brown Eyes

Remember the first day when I saw your face
Remember the first day when you smiled at me
You stepped to me and then you said to me
I was the woman you dreamed about
Remember the first day when you called my house
Remember the first day when you took me out
we had butterflies although we tried to hide
and we both had a beautiful night

The way we held each others hand,
the way we talked, the way we laughed
it felt so good to find true love
I knew right then and there you were the one

I know that he loves me cause told me so
I know that he loves me cause his feelings show
When he stares at me you see he cares for me
You see how he is so deep in love
I know that he loves me cause its obvious
I know that he loves me cause its me he trust
and he's missing me if he's not kissing me
and when he looks at me his brown eyes tell it so

Remember the first day, the first day we kissed
Remember the first day we had an argument
we apologized and then we compromised
and we've haven't argued since
Remember the first day we stopped playing games
Remember the first day you fell in love with me
it felt so good for you to say those words
cause I felt the same way too

The way we held each other's hands,
the way we talked, the way we laughed
it felt so good to fall in love
and I knew right there and then that you were the one

I know that he loves cause he told me so
I know that he loves me cause his feelings show
When he stares at me you see he cares for me
You see how he is so deep in love
I know that he loves me cause it's obvious
I know that he loves me cause it's me he trust
and he's missing me if he's not kissing me
and when he looks at me his brown eyes tell it so

I'm so happy, so happy that your in my my life
and baby now that your apart of me
you've showed me
showed me the true meaning of love(the true meaning of love)
and I know he loves me

I know that he loves me cause he told me so
I know that he loves me cause his feelings show
When he stares at me you see he cares for me
You see how he is so deep in love
I know that he loves me cause it's obvious
I know that he loves me cause it's me he trust
and he's missing me if he's not kissing me
and when he looks at me his brown eyes tell it so

He looks at me and his brown eyes tell it so

Saturday, August 28, 2010

To My Bday Boy, Emil.


Dear Emil,

Today, 28th Aug 2010 marks your 1st birthday. Ibu has determined (silently) that Ill gather all your milestones, achievements, first-times/things, etc in the entry of ur first birthday. So here I am, cracking my head to rewind the events took place a year ago till this very day to have a list of all-about-Emil. Juz for a momento so that we'll always remember all the significant events of you. Hope nothing is being left out or Ibu shall add it later. Not in particular order ya. :)

Your First-times/things
1. First picture- taken @ 28weeks in Ibu's womb during 3d scan
2. First kiss- upon birth by Ibu
3. First clothes- Luvable Friends tshirt, pants, mittens and booties
4. First long journey- back to Kota Bharu on 25th November 2009
5. First flight- back to Kota Bharu on 14th April 2010
6. First hit shopping mall- to Alamanda few days after Ibu's confinement ended. Somewhere in October 2009.
7. First formula milk- Isomil
8. First solid food- Nestle Cerelac
9. First real-holiday- The Legend International Water Homes, PD (June 2010)
10. First time going to wedding- Uncle Long and Auntie Efa's wedding on 4th October 2009
11. First time admitted to hospital- 3rd day of life due to jaundice @ NICU Hosp Serdang
12. First ride- Ayah's car and your own Quinny Zapp and Maxi Cosi
13. First time swimming in pool- during our MySha's gateway to TLIWH on 20th June 2010
14. First pacifier- NUK (the one and only brand)
15. First bottles- Tommee Tippee
16. First supplement- E-nutra colostrum
17. First nursery- I-Play Nursery Cyberjaya
18. First time fell from bed- June 2010
19. First time saying Ibu- 29th January 2010 (the first and only as for now)
20. First bag- Baby Phat diaper bag
21. First high fever- on 15th May 2010
22. First jab- Hep B upon birth
23. First ride in ambulance- to HUKM for ur prolonged jaundice
24. First baju melayu- in brown, wore on ur Akikah
25. First time merajuk- ngan Ibu on 1st May 2010
26. First bday celebration- small celebration with Ibu (and nenek also aunties) on 1st Hijr bday 7th Ramadhan 1431H
27. First time g0t scalded- 20th August 2010 which made Ibu mad like crazy.

Your Significant Facts
28. Hair shaved on 7th day of life by Ayah and Atuk.
29. Akikah done on 13th March 2010.
30. From 3.1kg baby to 10kg toddler.
31. Current height is 75cm.
32. Have 8 teeth (4 upper & 4 lower).
33. Fave food is chicken soup porridge with potatoes (must-have in every dishes).
34. Currently drinking S-26 Progress for 1-3 years old.
35. Understand- no, nyum2, jom, nak/bagi, mata, mouth, shoes, jom mandi, come here, sit down, up, susu, kiss/sayang, salam, cat, tv, car.
36. When we say kiss/sayang, u'll open ur cute mouth and kiss our cheek (mouth./:) and try to make sound which ended like 'mo-waaa' instead of 'muah'.
37. You know how to shake hands. When we say 'salam', u'll take out ur right hand, pull ours to ur open mouth.
38. Among all ur shoes, ur fave is ur red-black Nike.
39.You hv dimples by the sides of ur lower lips.
40. You hv long-curly lashes.
41. You usually sleep in dark (with a dim light).
42. We brush ur teeth at least twice a day.
43. Still wake up at night(at least once) for milk.
44. Expertly climb up and down bed, couch, table.
45. Showed interest in structuring things (architect wannabe?).
46. Easily attracted to wheels.
47. Sometimes can be a shy boy hiding behind Ibu especially to first-time-meet strangers.
48. You hv a big deep voice.
49. You will stay still when we say '1,2,3' to capture ur photo.
50. Never (as not yet) sleep in ur play pen for the whole night. Will wake up at night to sleep with Ibu and Ayah on bed.
51. Never sleep with the help of 'buai'. Have to dodoi2 with lullaby. As you grow up, you can sleep just by tepuk2 till asleep.
52. Love throwing things. Experimenting gravitation perhaps?
53. Infected with HFMD at 10 months old (July 2010)
54. Presented Ibu ur first handmade Mother's Day card with the help of nursery teachers.
55. Stopped using pacifier since enrolling nursery on 5th April 2010

Your Significant Milestones
1st month- Smiling, Cooing and gurgling
3rd month- Starting to respond with others by smiling and making sounds
4th month- Rolling over
5th month- Teething (first two teeth)
6th month- Start to eat solids,Babbling such as 'ba' 'ma', Experiencing separation anxiety.
7th month- Crawling, Climbing, Standing with support
8th month- Standing without support, Cruising
9th month- Responding when we ask' Siapa Muhammad Emil Shahmy angkat tgn?' by raising ur hand. Taking few steps with help
10th month- Waving, Clapping, Shake hands, Taking few steps without help
11th month- Walking
12th month- Starting to run I guess. Hihhii..

Above all, Ibu's very proud of you, son. Not to mention, Ibu is very proud of myself and Ayah as I really think we hv done our best in parenting although there are lots to be improved. But we know we hv done our best for you, dearest.

And again,

Ibu and Ayah love you so so so much.
We pray the best for you.

p/s: To others, please be reminded that all Ive jotted are for me (BB or Emil) to read in the future. Ive no intention to show off or such. You guys are free to read but please dont compare with your (or other) babies as each baby is unique and individual.

p p/s: Also thanks to others, mine and BB's families, relatives, Emil's teachers and friends (and others as the list is so so long and I bet you guys know who you are) that helped us taking care of Emil. Only Allah can repay all your kindness. Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Emil!!

Date: 7th Ramadhan 1431H
Remarks: Emil's First Bday in Hijrah Calendar

Oh, Ive lost count on Emil's new achievement and skills. Time is my constraint. But will try to catch up with all that. Above all, Im grateful to be able to see Emil's development from day to day and not to mention that I'm very proud of him.

Happy bday, syg! Ibu sentiasa doakan the best for Emil. Be a good boy.
Love u sooo much.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

9 months 1 week

It's been 9 1/4 months since Emil's birth. How time flies. Jom share Emil's achievement so far..
  • Can stand with or without support. His longest record for standing steadily without support is about almost 30 secs. He started to discover this new talent when he was in his early 8 months. But now die cam da boring nak show off his standing skill. If we let go tgn kite to let him stand all by himself, he'll slowly bend his knees and start crawling. Haih..
  • Emil has 6 teeth; 4 at the upper and 2 at the lower. Actually before his 2 upper lateral incisors made their appearance, Emil loves (very much!!) gigit2 org. Pantang nampak skins, terus die bertukar cam mulut harimau.And of course his main target is his Ibu la. Habis byk btol love bites especially at my both hands and shoulders. Now, he seems to be less biting. Da tak gatal gusi da kot. Owh, lupe nak mention, all his teeth came out in pairs which means Emil experienced 3 times of teething.
  • His current obsessions are crawling at very fast rate (yg mcm kelam kabut tuh!) and panjat memanjat be it bdn org, kerusi, meja, everything la that he thinks that can bring him up. Emil suke anything that paper-based, remote controls and laptop.
  • From a 3.1 kg little baby to 9.4kg of current weight. Actually, started from his 7th month, berat bdn die tak naik sgt pon. I bet it's because of his activeness. Im all okay with it as long as Emil's healthy.
  • Emil is obviously recognizes people around him just upon hearing their voices. He recognizes especially his Ibu (of course!), Atuk, Nenek and TokMa so well. So sorry B, but I'm not sure if Emil can recognize your voice or not. Yups, his Ayah is often away for his work but I'm sure when all settled, and Ayah is always at home, he'll recognize you well, B.;)
  • Emil understands Jom! and Buhbui! well. He'll quickly crawl to me when I say those words. He knows I'll be going out so he don't want to be left. So cute! He always understand Nyum nyum! when I feed him. That means, "Emil, open your mouth, syg.";)
  • Whenever he is in his playpen, he loves throwing out ALL things inside it. His pillow, bolster, blanket, everything! And we all suke dengki die. Once he throw out the things, we'll collect it and put it back inside his playpen sampai die boring, then he'll start merengek2. Hehhe..
  • Emil is very vocal. Suke menjerit. Especially when we all left him all alone in the room (in his playpen). A step out from the door, and you'll hear his loud scream. Bukan jerit nanges tau, jerit marah. And yeah, he is sgt garang. Die marah in his own way. If org jerit or tak bagi die buat sumthing, he'll scream. So far, I bleh agak yg Emil will be quite firm and garang sket punye type. Not to mention, he's a very committed boy too. When he sees thing, he'll try by all his mighty to get it. By hook or by crook. Yup2!
  • He loves making bubbles. With his mouth. He'll make "em maaaa" sound to make it. Cute.
  • Emil loves to make this one funny face. Sort of muke geram. With mata terangkat2 and mulut senget2. Sgt comel. When people ajuk die, he'll do it again and again. Tp if buat byk2 kali, bleh smpai tersedak2 pacik kecik ni. Huhu..
Okla, I think that's all for now. Anything, I shall add later.. as usual like I did before; Emil's journal. Till then..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Significant Half

Tgkla the above ticker. We've been married for 1 year, 5 months, 2 weeks & 5 days. Evenmore, MySha's not-so-little-anymore prince is 8 months & 6 days. How time flies...Oh, as the title post read, this very post is specially dedicated to my beloved big boy, BB. All about BB. Hehhe..

He's away for now. Far away from the shore. Am deeply missing him. So, disebabkan perasaan rindu itula, I'm inspired to write something about him [READ:'and' me.;)]. Something that might be many people know or only some people know or can be only I know. Hehhe.. Jom kite start with something yg everybody is familiar with. Warming up laaa...

1. His name: Shahizrul Shahril
2: D.O.B: 6 December 1981
3. 2nd from 7 siblings
4. Graduated from Universiti Teknologi Petronas
5. Currently working as System Engineer at Yokogawa Kontrol Malaysia

Ok, move on to something yg most of people know;

6. Very quiet person and if berckp pon, agak perlahan laa.
7. Jarang marah (but sekali marah, mmg kebabom laa..)
8. Tak cerewet
9. Tak lokek
10. Tak mkn spicy foods
11. Suffering lactose intolerent.. cian die.=]
12. Loves ALL foods made from wheat
13. Suke air soya and if mkn, preferable if ade kicap.;)
14. keep to himself most of the time.

This part is what I like the best. Things that only I know, think so. But obviously, won't be a secret anymore. You guys shhhhh... dendiam tau. Hehhe..

15. Acrophobic
16. Hemophobic
17. Tak suke all kinds of choc except Fererro Rocher shj
18. Dream car: Evo 9
19. Suke perasan diri die Ryan Reynolds
20. Very particular on certain things (especially those BIG things)
21. Never fail to wake up in the middle of the night to make Emil's milk
22. Well-organized
23. Manja.. hahhaaa. [in his own way laaa and only to his wife.;)]
24. Dont mind accompanying his wifey shopping.. never complaint. Bagus kan?;)
25. Tak bleh dok tmpt yg panas2. Kalau bleh everywhere kene sejuk. Lg best kalau de aircond.

Above all, he's still the sweetest man on earth for me. Although he may not be as adorable as Adam in Adamaya (bleh plak. hahha..), not-so romantic, tak reti pujuk bini majuk, kadang-kadang mcm wat tak reti pe bini die nak, not splurging dearest wifey with lots of her desired handbags, he's forever be the one whom I want to spend my whole life with. Im grateful to be given the second chance to know him better. Love u a lot, BB sayaaaaang.:-* (Note: Sile jgn muntah dgn kejiwangan tahap maximum sy. TQ.)

Lastly, presenting the cewl-est couple of the year..








Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bile Emil merajuk...

It's 12 midnight and here I am.. masih berteleku di dpn laptop. Emil is sleeping soundly just beside me. Ntah ngah mimpi pe la tu. As usual, he'll make a complete 360 degree turn in 8 hours of his sleeping time. Skang br lbh krg 90 degree lg. Hehhee..Oh, back to the title.

Later this evening, I took part in PPTD bowling tourney at Alamanda. So, I have to leave Emil at home with his grandpa, grandma and aunties. Actually it's not the first time coz if i've got things to do and when it's better to leave him at home rather than tag him along I'll leave him. Bkn sj2 tamao bwk. Skang byk kes H1N1, saket mata and so on. Lgpn, I heed to his Ayah's reminder not to bring Emil out so often. He himself too is very worried of all these issues. So, back to the title... again. After Asar prayer, straight I off to Alamanda coz tentatively the event will be started at 5.30 pm. Upon seeing me dressing up, putting on make up, Emil da start merengek2. He knew Ibu die nak kuar. But as I have to rush to be there before the time, I tak sempat nak dukung2 die, pujuk2 die. I juz salam and gave a kiss on his cheeks and waved goodbye to him. Outside the house I can hear his loud cry.

Ok, intermission.. masuk cite len jap.

The tourney went well. My performance was so-so. We played 4 games. The third game was the worst. Muahaha.. But luckily I managed to secure my place at the third. Oklah tu kan? Susah wooo nak beat players yg so often play for their ministry. Tapela, at least I've got experience playing in tournament. Nice nice!;)

Ok. Then around 9.00ish the event finished. So I rushed out of the bowling archade, straight to auto-pay machine to find a long queue. Yelah, pukul 9 lbh sure sume org nak blk. Patiently I queued up till about 9.30pm all done and I'm out of Alamanda. As the road was clear, maka sesedap rase shj saye memecut. 10 minutes later, I reached home.

At home, my little prince da best tido atas katil. My mum and sis said he fall asleep after being crancky and grumpty since I left. Poor baby. And... just now he woke up after being disturbed of something. I quickly soothe him dgn harapan die tido blk. BUT.. he opened his eyes widely and saw me cuddling him. Instead of stop crying, his cry became louder. So my sis and I thought he may be crying for milk. I passed him to my sis and I went out to make his milk. Strangely, he stopped cry and even went asleep back. My sis passed him back to me again. But this budak bertuah bukak mata and start crying his lung out again. Dah sah. Merajuk la ni. Walawehhh.. Pandai majuk da. Dont play2. But then, I tepok2 die, pujuk2 die, ciom2 die br die senyap and tdo.

Panjang plak story utk entry ni. As a conclusion... EMIL BUDAK BERTUAH DA PANDAI MERAJUK. So, after this I have to learn how to persuade baby psychologically la kot. But for me, this is his new milestone. I shall add it to his journal.=]

Date: 1 May 2010
First time of: Merajuk ngan Ibu.;)

Amacam? Ok tak? Hehhe..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 8 months old Emil

Just a short post to wish my dearest Emil
Happy 8 months old!!
A month older, a month wiser ok syg. Mmuahh..:-*

Friday, April 16, 2010

May u rest in peace, Tokwe.

Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rojiun.

Our beloved Tok We (BB's grandma) has peacefully left us on 14th April 2010 at 6.30pm. Semoga Allahyarhamah ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman. Amin..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nursery and Paci

Date: 5 April 2010
New things: (i) Ibu sent Emil to Nursery
(ii) Emil said "buh-bye!" to paci.;)

Story num (i)

After a few series of discussion between Ibu and Ayah, we decided to send Emil to i-Play Nursery just a few blocks away from my office. Luckily, still tak ramai babies and toddlers enrolling there. Al-maklumla, kat MKN building Cyberjaya tu quite baru dioccupied. JPA itself just moved in last June 2009. So, we can expect less crowd compared to JPA, Putrajaya. Emil is easily adapted with his new environment. No Tok-Ma, no Tok-Pa, no Pak Su and so on. Yelah, all this while most of his daytime spent at my in-laws house. So baby, it's time for you to socialize with your friends ya.;) As for review of i-Play, hmmm.. the place is very spacious, divided into many areas. Separate rooms for babies, toddlers, dining hall, assembly hall, play room, changing room and office. There are bout 6 teachers attending the kids. So far, Emil seems happy with his new 'school' and as for me, I can always visit him during my lunch hour as the cafe is just downstairs. Best kan?;)

Story num (ii)

Upon registering Emil that morning, his teacher said at the nursery, pacifier is prohibited. I was like, haaaaa... sbb all this while, that's the only way to soothe Emil to asleep.
He's been using it since he was like 2 month old. Risau gak if without it Emil will ngamok2 susah nak tdo. But looking at the positive side, I think it's the best time to let Emil get used without paci. So I said, Ok! So, dipendekken cite, start from that moment Emil said buh-bye paci! hope not to see you again. Hahhaa.. As at nursery Emil da tak ber'paci', so at home we also restrained him from using it. And as we expected, we had rough time putting Emil to sleep. Tp lame2, alhamdulillah now he can sleep on his own. Kite juz tepok2 dodoi2 sket and he'll off to lalalaaaland. I think because he's tired playing at school, ditambah dengan keaktifannye crawling, memanjat bagai, bdn die penat sgt and then he'll dozed off easily.

Owait, that's all for today. I'll keep other stories for next updates ok. Da daaa...

Friday, April 2, 2010

See mommy, I'm crawling!

Date: 01.04.2010
Newly found skill: Crawling

Finally, little Emil found his new skill of crawling. All this while, Emil cume angkat2 bontot je, sway2 sket and menyusur at a fast rate. What we've to expect now is he may be under the table in a blink of eyes, or he'll be exploring what's under the couch, and perhaps he'll be way heading to the door without us noticing it. Go boy! Do whatever you like, explore everything you want. Ibu and Ayah will watch over you, in case you might hurt yourself. Love ya!;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Officially launched.

Date: 03/03/2010

Adorable Little Munchkin (ALM) is a place where you can find exquisite outfits for your adorable little ones at affordable prices. We ensure you good qualities or money-back guarantee with terms and conditions applied. We will be much appreciated for your continuous support.

Happy shopping and enjoice!


Monday, March 1, 2010

At last... SOLID for you, son.

Date: 27.02.2010
Newly found skill: Eating his first solid, Nestle Cerelac

Emil has no problem at all in maneuvering his new skill. Probably because of his observation to his surrounding and definitely thanks to his instincts that have taught him many new things started from his first day of life. Long way to go, son. Mmuahh..<3

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tooth? No no... teeth la.

Date: 13.02.10
New Discovery: Emil's first two teeth.

My little munchkin's first tooth, err.. to be exact is first two lower teeth have made their appearance. Yups, they came out simultaneously. Bukan satu, tp dua u olls. You've grown up son.:* I will tayang those teeth later when I have chance to capture it. Emil still segan2 lagi nak tayang those new gigis.;)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Date: 29.01.10
Time: 1915
Newly found skill: Saying 'ibuuu..' and 'nek nek'

p/s: That one time only la pon Emil ckp. Hopefully I can hear it again soon. Ibu is so proud of you syg. Muah muah.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anak teruna saya.=]

Oh, anak teruna saya da 4 bulan setengah rupenye. How time flies... These 4 months have totally changed my life. Mentally and of coz physically. hahhaa.. Emil ni manja budaknye. I love to see Emil mcm malu-malu kucing gitu when people tease him. He will smile then cam nak sorok2 muke die kat badan org if time tu ngah dukung die. He loves when people communicate with him. Lawan2 suara ngan die. If die br nak start merengek2 nak nanges, and u pon ikut merengek, nnt die tak jd nanges but continue rengek2 je. But later when he gets bored, nanges jugeklaaa..

As working momma, I'm trying my best uruskan Emil whenever I hv chance to. Every evening, blk je from office, tak sempat bukak tudung sume, straightly I go to Emil first. At night, BB and I gilir2 attend him. Bile BB taking charge, sempatla I online. Like now, Emil is with BB. Emil ngah ngamuk with no reason. So the daddy trying to soothe him la. He easily gets cranky nowadays. Maybe sbb nak alih bulan like my FIL said, or his very first tooth wanna come out? hehhe.. possible la as he's almost 5 months. I read an article that says first tooth will be visible as early as 5 month. So kite tunggu dan lihat ya.

Okla, as usual utk santapan mata u'olls. Tadaaa..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Im proud of you, son.;]

Date: 10.01.10
Newly found skill: Rolling over

WELL DONE, darl!!