Friday, November 19, 2010

2nd Anniversary

15 Nov 2010...
... marked our 2nd anniversary. Alhamdulillah, we're still here together, celebrating our joyful and blissful marriage. I must say 2 years of marriage is a short period, still young and green. We're still much in love, still getting to know each others well, and try to get masak with each others' pe'el. Yeah, it's a fun process although along the journey there's a joy, sadness, laugh, cry, anger, etc.

Lots of things Ive learned for the past 2 years; love, passion, cooperation, communication, give-take, patience etc. Those are more to the building a strong bond between BB and I. As for the value-added (eceh!) skills, I must say Ive becoming a better cook. Hehhe.. A cook for my small family jelah kan. I must admit that Ive tried few new dishes to my recipes book. Tp tatau la BB rase sedap or not. Other than that, Im sure Ive becoming a better mother to Emil. Have to la sbb BB's away so frequently this 2010. So I took care of Emil (with the help of my family and the in-laws. TQVM!) without him. There's a lot of other things Ive experienced and gained, but I prefer to keep it to myself.;)

Oh, btw for this anniversary, BB brought us for a HOLIDAY! I shall post about that in my next entry ok. So, stay tuned.;)

And lastly,

BB, I love u so much!

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